Brand Archetypes

Ever wonder why it is that we feel so innately connected to some brands more than others? Is it their products or services? Their beautifully curated social feeds? Their shop or online store? 

It's their brand... their brand archetype to be exact.

A brand archetype is a universally recognizable and innately understood personality that a brand embodies. They represent a pattern of characteristics, values, attitudes and behaviors that are consistent across time, generations and culture.


Famous psychologist, Carl Jung theorized that certain characteristics or archetypes have alluring personalities that connect with us deeply at the core of our human psyche. Just like people, brand's have personalities that evoke emotional responses.


Jung, who developed the concept of the "Collective Unconscious", referred to the structure of the unconscious mind which contains memories and impulses of which we are unaware. Our unconscious mind contains universal mental images, or archetypes, that we have inherited from our past experiences or were passed down from generation to generation. Whether we are aware of it or not, there is a very real and compelling reason why we fall in love with certain brands. 

For decades, brands have been using archetypes to embody personalities, behaviors and core values that resonate with their customers, building deep rooted connections that captivate their audience and convert to a loyal customer following.


Want to learn more about how you can use archetypes in your brand? Take the quiz to find out your brand's core Brand Archetypes and discover your unique strengths and how to apply your archetype to attract more of your ideal clients.

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