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Daniella is a holistic Health Coach with a background in social work who is passionate about living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle and embracing the power of our natural selves. Her brand, the Beauty Shift is focused on taking an inside out approach to beauty and wellness. Whether you're dealing with any form of beauty, health, or wellness issues, or you're just looking to improve your overall well-being, she and her team of healers want to help you address it, implement tweaks, and support your healing both internally and externally.

I was beyond honored when Daniella asked to be a part of her brand strategy and website design process. Starting at ground zero, Daniella and I worked closely to develop her brand strategy - identifying her WHY for starting her brand, who her ideal clients are, who her competitors are, and coming up with a strategy that differentiated her from her industry pack. Next, we created her brand visuals which were designed to mirror her brands organic, relatable and welcoming atmosphere.

From the branding process, I always encourage my clients to take a pause in between developing a brand strategy and building out your website to think about the message you want your website to convey- and develop your copy. As my friend Ashlyn from Ashlyn Writes says, "Copy dictates design - and not the other way around."

Once Daniella's brand strategy and visuals were developed, we had a clear understanding of who her brand was, why it existed, who her audience is and EXACTLY what they needed to hear to know The Beauty Shift was for them. We took all of this information and used it to develop the copy for each of the pages of her website - making sure each page was search engine optimized, speaking directly to her ideal client and conveying the exact message she wanted to.

We then went on develop her website. We used the Wix platform because I knew Daniella's online presence was not only important, it's crucial to having her brand run smoothly. We developed her service packages and set her up with a robust affiliate-based shop where she can recommend her favorite products at a discounted rate, while using that as a generating tool to bring in extra income for her business. Using the Wix platform's extensive dashboard options, I set up an in-depth workflow process that will allow her and her team to follow a specific process and flow with each and every client, streamlining her process and ensuring the very best service for each and every client.

From here, I got her set up with a robust email marketing platform using my favorite tool - ConvertKit. We set her up with email automations, auto-responders set to trigger if someone wanted to download one of her freebies and a welcome email sequence for new people landing on her site and joining her mailing list.

Finally, we were ready to launch!

You can check out some of the highlights from the process here - and also make sure to head over to Daniella's brand new site, The Beauty Shift to see it all in action.

So grateful and glad you're here!


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