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Custom Branding


You’re ready to ditch the DIY’d, imposter-syndrome evoking logo for a brand with beauty AND brains.


Well, you’re in just the right place.

Gone are the days of drag-n-drop logos, templated designs and strategy-less  branding.

In a study conducted by Consumer Thermometer, a whopping 64% of women & 68% of men felt and EMOTIONAL connection to a brand.


Because strong branding evokes emotions - and no one is immune to this effect. Interest, trust and optimism are the top three feelings people experience in relation to the brands they prefer.

If you can stir up these feelings with the products and services you offer - you have a shot at creating an authentic connection and gaining loyal customers.

brand strategy

Branding is an expression of a companies personality and values that delivers an experience that resonates with your audience and builds lasting relationships.

By strategically uncovering your brand's personality, values, objectives, goals, and carefully researching your ideal audience and competition, you can build a brand that captivates connects and converts.

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The Brand Experience

My signature 1:1 custom branding strategy service that helps you research, plan, design and develop a data-driven and psychology-backed brand identity that lands you your ultimate dream clients.

(Think Beyonce, hair-blowing in the wind, head-turning brand identity.)

brand identity

My method will help you get zoned in on your brand strategy & ready to take your industry by storm.

We start by uncovering your brand & audience archetype & personality through a series of questionnaires including our signature Archetype Quiz. 

From there, we start developing your brand's core values, mission & vision and your brand voice, uncover your ideal audience, evaluate your competitive advantage and strategize how to set you apart from the pack.

Once we have built you a solid foundation, we start working on your visual identity including your brand’s mood board, color palette, logos, patterns and brand imagery, and finish up with some branded collateral to get you started. 


At the end of your project, you’ll be equipped with a data-driven brand strategy, a collection of carefully curated brand materials + a Brand Style Guide with everything you need to communicate your message and keep your business moving forward.

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"Kelly used psychology, creativity and a ton of data to help me redesign my branding and get UBER-SPECIFIC in my messaging which has helped me grow my following and customer base more than I could have imagined."

branding archetypes


Your branding isn't quite YOU ( or even sure of where to start building a brand.)

You know the importance of a strong brand strategy but you don't have the time, resources or know-how to design it. You want a brand that captivates - but have no clue how to achieve that level of success.

Your current branding feels outdated and you're no longer aligned with it - to be honest, it's actually repelling your audience and costing you sales.

You're embarrassed by your current branding but worried about investing in another designer since the last designer you worked with didn't give you the results (or deliverables) you were promised.

This is where I come in.

Because if you're anything like me, you want a powerful brand that gives you the confidence to stop second-guessing your brand and falling into the comparison trap.


You want to know that your brand is set apart from the pack and has something the other guys don't.


And through psychology and data-driven branding, I'll help you to craft a sophisticated, polished, well-defined and strategically-executed brand strategy that will set you apart from your competition and captivate the right audience. 

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What's included:

  • 1:1 Brand Strategy Sessions

  • Brand Personality Analysis

  • Client Persona Analysis

  • Competitive Advantage Analysis

  • Core Values & Value Proposition

  • Mission & Vision Statement

  • Brand Messaging

  • Brand Stylescape

  • Brand Visuals including custom color palette, font collection, logo collection, pattern collection and iconography

  • Brand Style Guide (PDF & hardcover)

  • 2 Brand Collateral Designs

  • High-Quality & Low-Quality PNG's


$2,500 -

Timeline is typically 2-4 weeks depending on the size and scope of your project.